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Rolex Air King Replica is an attractive brand from a pre-owned buying perspective. The story of Rolex Air King Replica, which was originally responsible for creating luminous instruments in the Italian Navy's navy, is well-known. In 1936 the brand was asked to make a waterproof luminous watch that could be worn by the Italian Frogmen.

Italian Navy Frogman in a rebreather suit. In the middle of the photo is another Frogman in clear view.

Italian Navy Frogman in Pirelli muti di rubber, with the Rolex Air King Replica case design clearly visible on his wrist.

It was still supplying the Italian military throughout the 1980's until electronic technology overtook mechanical watchmaking. Rolex Air King Replica introduced two models in 1993: a Mare Nostrum chronograph,Fake Rolex Air King and a Luminor Marina watch. The Luminor Marina is distinguished by its half moon crown guard and lever locking mechanism.

Sylvester Stallone discovered this Luminor Marina and chose it to wear in Daylight. Johann Rupert, Richemont Group owner, saw the watch and bought it. Richemont Group was able to recoup its investment in 1997 with the launch of the first Rolex Air King Replica series.

Stallone in Daylight with the LuminorSubmersible Sly Tech dialed 521-201/A clearly visible on this famous movie screen grab.

Rolex Air King Replica became the subject of a frenzied cult collection from then on, aided by the largest and most active online collecting community called the Paneristi. The brand launches its first caliber in-house in 2005.Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches This is followed by many more movements, including a tourbillon in 2007.

Rolex Air King Replica collectorability reached its peak at this time. Over the past decade, there has been a shift towards smaller vintage-styled watches. Rolex Air King Replica temporarily lost its appeal due to its large case size and over production of too few references.

Rolex Air King Replica